Legal Advisory

We offer classic legal assistance in business-related matters. Send an inquiry online or contact customer service for a suitable solution.

Practice areas

Data protection

We help you to find your way in the data protection regulation, identify discrepancies in the company’s operations and give advice on how to eliminate these discrepancies.

Dispute resolution

We advise and represent companies in resolving contractual and non-contractual disputes both in court and out of court.

Contract law

We help you choose the appropriate contract type and prepare, terminate or amend it as well as review an existing contract or draft.

Employment law

We advise and represent entrepreneurs and employees in all matters regarding establishing and terminating employment relations and resolving disputes.

Real estate and construction

We advise construction companies, owners, subcontractors and real estate developers on issues related to their business.

Corporate law

We advise entrepreneurs on day-to-day business issues, transactions and shareholder relations.

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

We advise companies operating in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors on issues related to their business.

Mergers and acquisitions

We advise clients on the regulation of relations between owners and transactions of buying or selling companies and everything related to these transactions.



Services are provided by experienced lawyers. Non-business issues can also be addressed. If necessary, we will help you find a relevant specialist.

Fast and convenient 

Our solutions are easy to use for anyone. Placing an order is convenient and service is fast. Customer service is ready to assist in case of questions.

Costs under control

The cost of the services and products is agreed in advance. There are no unpleasant surprises in your bill.