Legal products

Legal products have standardized and easily customizable content. This allows us to provide solutions quickly and at an affordable price.

Board member contract

A board member agreement that meets your needs, which fixes the agreements, rights and obligations in the relationship between the company and the board member.


Document review

A simple and quick way to mitigate legal risks and/or make changes in legal documents.


Letter of demand

In practice, it is more effective if a legal professional submits a letter of demand to the debtor instead of the creditor.




We are sincere and honest in our dealings with our customers. We only give advice that we are convinced is correct and useful. If necessary, we help to find a specialist from outside.

Speed & convenience

We consider the convenience of the customer when ordering services and the speed of receiving solutions to be important. We respond to inquiries within at least one day and adhere to agreed deadlines.


Costs under control

We consider it important that customers do not have unpleasant surprises during billing. The amount or magnitude of the fee is agreed upon with the client in advance, and the client has the opportunity to review the work report before settlement.


Stay up to date with news and events

Leave us your contact details and we will sometimes send you notifications about the most important business-related legal news or developments related to the office.