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We offer classic legal assistance in matters related to business. Send a request online or contact customer service to find a suitable solution.


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Legal products have standardized and easily customizable content. This allows us to provide solutions quickly and at an affordable price.


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We offer a legal address and contact person service for companies. We help organize issues related to the establishment of companies, buying and selling and licensing. 


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The Magilex web portal is a large database of legal information with daily updated content, which helps to perform legal actions faster and more conveniently.​



We are sincere and honest in our dealings with our customers. We only give advice that we are convinced is correct and useful. If necessary, we help to find a specialist from outside.

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We consider the convenience of the customer when ordering services and the speed of receiving solutions to be important. We respond to inquiries within at least one day and adhere to agreed deadlines.


Costs under control

We consider it important that customers do not have unpleasant surprises during billing. The amount or magnitude of the fee is agreed upon with the client in advance, and the client has the opportunity to review the work report before settlement.


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Contract form

Form of contract means the manner in which the contract is concluded. According to the Obligations Act, a contract may be concluded orally, in writing or in any other form, unless the law stipulates a mandatory form of the contract. 

Maksekäsu kiirmenetlus – plussid ja miinused

Fast payment order processing - pros and cons

The expedited payment order procedure is a court procedure with a faster and simplified process compared to the usual lawsuit procedure to resolve a claim for the payment of a fixed sum of money arising from a private legal relationship. Substantive disputes are not resolved in the proceedings and court hearings are not held.

Töölepingu vorm

Employment contract form

When concluding an employment contract, the employer may have a question as to whether the employment contract must necessarily be concluded in writing or whether an agreement concluded verbally or by e-mail, for example, is sufficient.

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