Legal advice

We offer legal advice and representation mainly in matters related to business and business transactions. We help prepare documents, represent in negotiations and disputes.

Corporate law

We advise entrepreneurs on issues related to daily business, transactions and relations between shareholders.

Labor law

We advise and represent entrepreneurs and employees in all matters of establishing, terminating and resolving employment relationships.

Contract law

We help with choosing and drafting a suitable contract and rother elated documents. We also assist with terminating or amending as well as reviewing contracts.

Dispute resolution

We advise and represent entrepreneurs in resolving contractual and non-contractual disputes both in and out of court.

Mergers and acquisitions

We advise clients in the regulating relations between owners and arranging transactions of buying or selling businesses and everything related to these transactions.

Real estate and construction

We advise construction companies, owners, subcontractors, insurance companies and real estate developers in matters related to their business activities.

Modern architectural details

Data protection

We help navigate the data protection regulation, identify inconsistencies in the company's operations and advise how to eliminate these inconsistencies.

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

We advise companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector in matters related to their business activities.



We are sincere and honest in our dealings with our customers. We only give advice that we are convinced is correct and useful. If necessary, we help to find a specialist from outside.

Speed & convenience

We consider the convenience of the customer when ordering services and the speed of receiving solutions to be important. We respond to inquiries within at least one day and adhere to agreed deadlines.


Costs under control

We consider it important that customers do not have unpleasant surprises during billing. The amount or magnitude of the fee is agreed upon with the client in advance, and the client has the opportunity to review the work report before settlement.


Stay up to date with news and events

Leave us your contact details and we will sometimes send you notifications about the most important business-related legal news or developments related to the office.